About Us

Who is Theravolt?

Theravolt is an Australian based start-up that focuses on bringing emerging performance and recovery technology into the masses to help more people achieve their physical and mental peak. 

Recovery plays a huge role in ensuring that everyone can perform at their very best - all day everyday - and we believe everyone deserves to be given the chance to do this properly. Traditional recovery techniques such as rollers are often not as effective as it's often hard to target the right spots. On the other hand, massage therapy is time consuming and will break your bank really quickly!

The Theravolt Mission

Our mission is to bring advanced professional therapy and recovery technologies into the masses to help everyone supercharge their recovery journey. 

Long gone are the days where such tehnologies are only available to the top few percent of the population. Long gone are the days where you will need to compromise on product quality to be able to get your very own recovery devices. At Theravolt, we pride ourselves on offering quality premium devices for anyone who wants to live life to the fullest.

The Theravolt Vision

Our vision is to have the Theravolt massage devices in 1 million households by 2025 and to have quality at-home percussive massage technology accessible to everyone everywhere.

Theravolt will be the driver of this movement, because we believe that everyone deserves to recover, to be a better version of themselves. 

Try it for yourself!